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Youssef Abbadi

Youssef Abbadi


Youssef is a valuable asset to the Red Moose team with his outstanding knowledge of construction, buildings, and renovations. For more than ten years he has been buying, selling and flipping homes and multi-unit buildings. Youssef also worked for major banking institutions dealing with and understanding mortgage and personal financing for clients. He has a Bachelor in Business Administration with a minor in Communication. He has the special quality of being fluent in three languages: French, English, Arabic

Youssef when not working is a family oriented person that enjoys traveling with his family and doing bucket lists trips with his father.

If you are looking for someone with a straightforward approach to everything he does with knowledge, experience, and passion for all things real estate talk to Youssef.  He will help you as much as he does his Red Moose colleagues.


Cell: (613) 462-6269

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